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The Ideology of Pakistan & National Unity

Ideology of Pakistan and Unity

Pakistan Ideology

Pakistan is an Islamic state and it came into being on 14th august, 1947. Pakistan is different from many other countries of the world in one respect. Pakistan is an ideological state whereas most of the countries of the world are not so.

Other Countries of the world keep their people united on the basis of language, color and creed. But Pakistan Ideology is the only country where people are bound up by the ties of religion. For Example the people of Pakistan live in different provinces and they speak different languages. Pakistan geographical and climatic conditions are also different. But Islam is the only force that has brought them together and keeps them fully united. They have one common aim; to live and work for the glory of Islam.

However, it does not mean that Pakistan is a theocratic state in the narrow sense of the word. This is because Islam is completely different from other religions. It is not an ethical ideal or moral code, but a complete system of life. It regulates man’s, political, economic as well as spiritual life.

Islam is against the concept of nationalism and does not allow the formation of any social order based on narrow nationalistic interests. It aims at uniting the whole humanity. Islam has a wonderful unifying force in itself. It can bind together individuals and groups of various castes, colours, races and countries.

Islam is such an ideology that is complete in itself. Its religious aspect is organically related to its practical or social aspects. It has set up the system of “Zakat” and zakat is an attempt to reduce poverty ad finish the difference between the rich and the poor. It urges rich people to help the needy and the poor in time of need.

Pakistan National Unity

National unity is deeply related to the ideology of country. We need national unity for many reasons. First, a nation must be united to make progress in different fields of life. Secondly, we should know that our country is passing through a critical phase of its history.

Pakistan national unity always exposed to danger from such a sworn enemy as INDIA.  India has already attacked our country twice. So that we need national unity in order to face the Indian attack.

Thirdly, we need national unity for making progress in the social, political and economic fields. A united nation is always strong and stable. It has image of great power.


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