The Reckless Book by David Putnam

The Reckless (A Bruno Johnson #6 Thriller) by David Putnam is Available on Amazon in Kindle Hardcover and Paperback and also Available In audiobook. the reckless book genres on crime, thriller, fiction

The Reckless (Bruno Johnson, #6) by David Putnam

The Reckless Book by David Putnam
The Reckless Book by David Putnam

Summary: the Reckless Book

Meet Bruno Johnson, a young and new Deputy Sheriff in Los Angeles County. He’s got a lot on his plate, juggling being a single dad to his two-year-old daughter with his job in the Violent Crimes Unit. It’s tough, but Bruno tries his best to manage it all.

One day, Bruno and his partner, Ned Kiefer, receive a special assignment from the FBI. It sounds exciting, but things quickly get tricky. The FBI assigns them a case they’d rather avoid – a group of teenage criminals led by someone called The Darkman.

Bruno soon realizes that The Darkman is someone he knows from a past case, a terrible crime that still bothers him. Now, he faces a tough decision: how to stop these young criminals without causing harm, while also staying safe from The Darkman and his crew.

It’s a dangerous situation, made even riskier by Bruno’s partner, Ned, who can be a bit reckless. Bruno has to keep Ned in check while trying to crack the case and ensure everyone’s safety.

Will Bruno manage to stop The Darkman and his gang without anyone getting hurt? Can he keep his daughter and himself out of harm’s way? Join Bruno on his thrilling adventure to find out!

Ratings: About the Reckless Book

The Reckless” by David Putnam, the 6 book in the Bruno Johnson series, has received Most positive ratings on Amazon. It has an average rating of approximately 4.5 out of 5 stars based on user reviews. it also has a 4.41 out of 5 stars On Goodreads.

Readers have praised the compelling storyline, well-crafted characters, and gripping suspense, making it a highly recommended read for fans of crime fiction and thriller genres.

ⓘ Most Important Info about this Book

SeriesBruno Johnson Series –  (Book #6 of 11)
Print Length (Format)313 Pages – Kindle
PublisherOceanview Publishing
AuthorDavid Putnam
Publication DateFebruary 5, 2019
Listening Length08h 54m

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