The Replacements Book by David Putnam

the Replacements (Bruno Johnson #2) by David Putnam is Available on Amazon in Kindle Hardcover and Paperback and also Available in Audiobook. the reckless book genres on crime, thriller, fiction

The Replacements (Bruno Johnson, #2) by David Putnam

Review: The Replacements Book by David Putnam
Review: The Replacements Book by David Putnam

Summary: The Replacements

Bruno Johnson used to be a detective in Los Angeles, but he got into trouble and ended up in jail. Now he’s hiding in Costa Rica, working as a bartender. He’s looking after eight kids he rescued from bad situations, even though it’s against the law.

One day, Barbara Wicks, who used to work with Bruno and is now the police chief in Montclair, California, shows up at his bar. Bruno is really surprised to see her. He wonders if she’s there to arrest him and take him back to California.

But Barbara actually needs Bruno’s help. Two kids have been kidnapped, and she thinks Bruno can help find them.

The kidnapper is Jonas Mabry, who Bruno once saved from a bad situation when he was a kid. Now Jonas wants revenge and is demanding a million dollars to let the kids go. He wants Bruno to get the money, even though it’s dangerous.

Bruno knows he could get arrested or even killed if he goes back to California, but he can’t ignore the kids who need his help. His new wife, Marie, feels the same way. They’re both willing to take big risks to save the kidnapped kids.

Ratings: About The Replacements

The Replacements Book by David Putnam, Bruno Johnson series, has received Most positive ratings on Amazon. It has an average rating of approximately 4.2 out of 5 stars Ratings based on user reviews. it also has a 4.17 out of 5 stars and 359 Ratings 77 Reviews on Goodreads.

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ā“˜ Most Important Info about this Book

SeriesBruno Johnson Series ā€“ (Book #1 of 11)
Print Length (Format)288 Pages ā€“ Kindle
PublisherOceanview Publishing
AuthorDavid Putnam
Publication DateFebruary 3, 2015
Listening Length8 hours and 42 minutes

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