The Squandered Book by David Putnam

The Squandered Book (Bruno Johnson #3) by David Putnam is Available on Amazon in Kindle Hardcover and Paperback and also Available in Audiobook. the reckless book genres on crime, thriller, fiction

The Squandered (Bruno Johnson, #3) by David Putnam

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The Replacements Book by David Putnam

Summary: The Squandered

Bruno and Marie have to leave the kids they saved in Costa Rica to help Bruno’s sick dad in the U.S. His dad wants them to help save Bruno’s brother’s grandkids, who were taken. Bruno didn’t even know they existed.

They can’t say no to Bruno’s dad, and Marie won’t let Bruno go alone. So, they go back to the U.S. even though they could get arrested. They have to deal with bad people like kidnappers, drug dealers, and government agents who want to keep a big secret hidden.

Bruno used to be a cop, and his past helps them understand the mess they’re in when they get to L.A. It turns out Bruno’s brother, Noble, got mixed up in some big trouble without meaning to. Bad guys, both in and out of jail, and different cops are all after a missing stash of cocaine worth nine million dollars. Noble’s grandkids are in danger because of it.

The chase, the fighting, and the worry test Bruno and Marie’s relationship. They have to figure out what family means and what they’re willing to forgive. With new ideas about right and wrong, will they live long enough to make things better.

Ratings: About The Squandered

The Squandered Book by David Putnam, Bruno Johnson series, has received Most positive ratings on Amazon. It has an average rating of approximately 4.4 out of 5 stars Ratings based on user reviews. it also has a 4.39 out of 5 stars and 178 Ratings 40 Reviews on Goodreads.

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ⓘ Most Important Info about this Book

SeriesBruno Johnson Series – (Book #1 of 11)
Print Length (Format)338 Pages – Kindle
PublisherOceanview Publishing
AuthorDavid Putnam
Publication DateFebruary 2, 2016
Listening Length9 hours and 26 minutes

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